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Ryan’s Story

Ryan is such a special & wonderful boy. I firmly believe that him being born different is what makes him so very special. You see as a parent you never expect to have experiences of disability, its always something that happens to other people and you never really think it will come to your own door step.

Ryan was born prematurely but that didn’t dampen the mood, I was overjoyed when my son came and l thought all was well.

I recall being called to the nursery  where the Pediatrician told me the difficult news. I remember thinking ‘Wooow, why me Lord??  Why Me?.’

It was like a major blow to the face, and lt hurt so much. Medically we had some serious challenges as well. Ryan initially had two holes in his heart, but i’m so grateful that they closed up as he grew.
Other difficult things that we faced in our journey with Ryan was the issue of relating or communicating with peers, however that has never been a drawback, he is an enthusiastic boy with a big personality, who loves music and dance.
Speech and motor skills coordination is something we continue to work on. Having a child with a disability is never easy but it is and continues to be a wonderful journey for us.

(Mr Martins- Zimbabwe) Ryan’s Dad


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