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Ropa’s Story

When my child was born, we initially did not face any challenges because we did not know she had a disability, therefore we could not tell any difference. Later on, we learnt of our child’s disability, it was not easy but we soon embraced it.

Ropa was also born with a tumor and she had to undergo surgery at only 3 months of age. This was a very trying time for us, as she spent a long time in  hospital.
The major challenges Ropa faced were in her delayed growth stages. For example she only started sitting at about one year of age, and started walking at around age 4. This meant she needed extra care most of her infancy.

When time came for Ropa to go to school, we faced challenges like lack of integration into main stream schools. Most schools did not want to enroll her. It was heart breaking. I even recall one school saying ‘we are not here to baby sit these kind of children.’

Unfortunately in Zimbabwe we can’t say there are ready services to assist with most developmental delays. Generally Ropa struggles with speech and stability in standing, she is also unable to read and write.

Mai Ropa (Ropa’s Mom) – Zimbabwe

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