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Bongiwe’s Story

When l learnt Bongiwe had Down syndrome after delivery, l felt shivers go down my spine, I was in shock and denial.
l quickly put myself back together again and came to  accept the situation. It took time for family to accept it all, but they eventually came around. Medically the biggest challenge is that Bongiwe had a hole in her heart when she was born. That was terribly scary, and we didnt know what that meant or what to expect. Thankfully as we continued following up with doctors they later told us as she got older the  hole later closed.

The worst part of our story is that my husband abandoned us as Bongiwe grew. He just left  and to this day l am not even sure if it was because of our daughter’s  condition or something else?

I have come to accept my beautiful baby girl and the situation, you see in life there are certain things that happen that we have no control over, but the truth is this can happen to anyone at any time. Bogiwe is a blessing and  despite all the challenges & trying to raise her alone, thats all that i try to focus on.

NaBongiwe (Bongiwe’s Mom)

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