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Carolynn Solano

Early Intervention Programs ( Children ) - Lead

Carolynn Solano MS OTR/L President Life Touch Therapy, PLLC

Carolynn is co-Owner of Life Touch Therapy.

Life Touch Therapy, is a family-owned pediatric therapy provider based in Concord, NC, serving our community since 2011.

Life Touch provides children with occupational, physical, and/or speech therapy in the child’s natural environment to produce the best results based on proven research.

Carolynn’s role in the foundation is to be responsible for collaborating with relevant stakeholders to craft and create relevant early intervention programs that address the various challenges that come with Down Syndrome.

We rely on her team to develop & implement Early Intervention Programs, focused on the children, that address speech, physical, cognitive and other similar developmental. and sensory delays in our children as they are integrated into our development program as a whole.